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The Harms of Prevention

According to The Centers for Disease Control: In 2019, 47,511 Americans died by suicide and 1.4 million attempted. In a survey conducted that year, 12.3 million American adults seriously considered ending it while 3.5 million made actual plans. The latter figures must be considerably higher. Were you surveyed?

The World Health Organization estimates that 700,000 end their lives annually. Since only 60 out of 192 nations provide reliable data, the true number is certainly in the millions. The WHO claims that 1 out of 20 attempts are fatal. Sadly, the vast majority who succeed die from pesticides, nooses, and firearms.

Instead of looking into the right to die as a sound alternative to this catastrophe, these organizations are focused only on “prevention” and prohibition. Their “hopium” fueled efforts and childlike inability to see the logic behind wanting to die is causing more suffering. Blood is on the hands of the blissfully ignorant.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Author unknown.

Without the rational option of euthanasia, those who are tormented by existence will continue to exit in agony. Many will be left alive with damaged brains, blown off faces, and mangled bodies. Even if victims begged for death after a failed attempt, our sick society would still deny them the right to sleep forever.

The Right to No Longer Exist is a preventionist movement. We want to prevent people from butchering themselves by giving them the option to exit in peace without fear of pain or risk of failure. There are 8 billion of us. We can only imagine how many individuals wake up every day wishing it was their last.

If everyone had access to the peaceful pill, many would cancel or postpone their plans for euthanasia.

For some, all they need is the comfort and sense of control provided by knowing the option is there.

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