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dna efilism antinatalism right to die

Image by darkstylerz via Rational Efilism Discord

We would like to share our personal views on life and how it convinced us that everyone should have the right to die. You don’t have to agree with our conclusions to support the core values of The Right to No Longer Exist. We accept people from all walks of life and schools of thought…


We are anti-theists who reject the concept of God, the afterlife, and all other beliefs that claim there is something beyond the physical. We stand against all forms of religious oppression including the pro-life agenda that stems from it. We strive for a society guided by facts and reason, not faith and superstition. We are sentiocentric. This means we value the welfare of all living things and take their suffering just as seriously as our own. Therefore, we are ethically opposed to practices such as forced breeding, factory farming, animal testing, and meat consumption.


We’ve concluded that the only negative to emerge from chemical reactions in our universe is sentience. This cosmic calamity has led to 600 million years of continuous slaughter through the violent process of evolution that will not end until all life goes extinct. In our view, coming into existence is the harm. We advocate for the cessation of procreation as a way to prevent further harm from being imposed. The popular term for this position is Antinatalism. There is no need to create more need that never needed to be. By not reproducing, we protect the nonexistent from enduring the many tragedies intrinsic to life.

As sentient beings, we are burdened by the labor-intensive drive to chase comfort in exchange for brief periods of relief, then it’s back to the battlefield where hardships are guaranteed. The good never comes easy, and the half-life of satisfaction is short. There will always be itches to scratch and fires to put out. In addition, our nervous systems evolved with the capacity to experience suffering far more intensely and in longer duration than pleasure. To give an example of this asymmetry, the best orgasms cannot compensate for the worst diseases. It is impossible for the positives to outweigh the negatives.


We are terminal creatures forced into a dire situation where all life is born to be painfully destroyed by what we see as our only oppressor - nature itself. All the memories, knowledge, and relationships that we’ve acquired throughout our lives will be lost. To put it bluntly, we are screwed. With this understanding, we find the opposition to the unconditional right to die to be irrational. There is no harm in peacefully becoming a corpse nor can a corpse experience a negative state. Only in death will our problems be fixed, instead of mitigated until the next catastrophe.


The Right to No Longer Exist is committed to fighting for everyone’s freedom from existence. We will not give up on this struggle for justice or give in to the pressures of the majority. We are a movement that is here to stay, so that someday, everyone can have the right to leave, on their own terms.

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