Welcome to The Right to No Longer Exist

We are a global collective fighting for the right to die as a basic human right, not a privilege to be earned through suffering. Since no one chose to come into existence, everyone should have the freedom to opt-out.


Together, we must:

• Spread awareness on this issue through communication, education, and civic participation.

  • Provide rational arguments to counter the cultlike agenda of the broader pro-life community.

 • Challenge right to die “in name only” policies that value paternalism over individual choice.

  • Connect with people and organizations from around the world who support our principles.

   • Give those who want to die a platform to express themselves without fear of repercussions.


Most importantly, we must fight until all of humanity has criteria-free birthright access to a graceful exit.

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The Right To No Longer Exist Promo

The Right To No Longer Exist Promo

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Our podcast talks about all of the issues of today regarding the right to die. 

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In our activism, we try to change minds and policies. One method we use and encourage is street activism, among others. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about what you can do to help bring awareness to this issue.

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