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Welcome to The Right to No Longer Exist

We are a global collective fighting for the unconditional right to die as a universal human right - equal to the right to life. Since no one chose to come into existence, everyone should have criteria-free birthright access to a graceful exit; diagnosable condition or lack thereof.

The unconditional right to die is crucial to our right to privacy, bodily autonomy, and self-determination; a right that must belong to the individual, not the state or other external influences; a right that must be protected from the tyranny of the pro-life majority.

Life is difficult, full of risks, and leads to death. Based on these objective facts, there is nothing irrational about opting out early. While most find their personal relationship with life desirable and worth holding on to, others find it toxic with the need to let go.

No one has the right to own another person by forcing them to remain sentient without the freedom to peacefully discontinue. Such an act is, by definition, a form of slavery. It is an act that holds one hostage to the past decisions their parents made that brought them into this world.

Globally, over one million people take their lives annually. Around 1 in 25 attempts are fatal. Sadly, most who succeed utilize nooses, pesticides, firearms, and heights. Many who fail are left alive with damaged brains and mangled bodies; all because the burdens of existing were too much for them to handle.

People who want to die are not unsound of mind as stereotyped by our society, but desperate to escape suffering. They have concluded that the negatives of a continued existence outweigh the positives. Their conclusions must be respected.

Until rational methods to achieve a graceful exit becomes decriminalized and readily available to the public, violent suicides and reckless attempts will continue. When legalization happens, it will give everyone closure with the person dying, instead of the memories of them being tainted by whatever gruesome way that they died.

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The Right To No Longer Exist Promo

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Our podcast talks about all of the issues of today regarding the right to die. 

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In our activism, we try to change minds and policies. One method we use and encourage is street activism, among others. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about what you can do to help bring awareness to this issue.

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