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Kevin is an accomplished musician, filmmaker, and editor, as well as an atheist and right-to-die activist.
He aims to legalize euthanasia for every human if they want by dispelling misconceptions regarding suicide.
He enjoys creating content on Youtube, and currently writing a short film regarding the Right to Die. 

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Danny Thomas is the co-founder of the Right to No Longer Exist. He has been passionate about the right to die for all for nearly two decades. When he gave up the god delusion, the life” delusion” followed. Danny understands that we are all doomed by evolutionary design - born to be butchered by our sole oppressor, nature itself. He looks at the objective facts and recognizes that there is no logic behind forcing anyone to remain because of a decision a procreator made for them.

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Amanda ‘Oldphan’ Sukenick is a film-maker & sculptor residing in Chicago IL. Amanda has been steadily producing Antinatalist multimedia projects for 10 years now, including her movie The EFIList, and is now the host of, The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast, The Anti-Natal News Podcast, as is one of the founders of Antinatalism International. Through The Right To No Longer Exist - A Right to Die Podcast, Amanda hopes to become a better, more effective activist for the Right to Die.

Check out our podcast episode were we introduce ourselves and our goals for this movement.

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